Vintage Fascination No. 138

Welcome friends to Vintage Fascination. I took an unscheduled blogging break for a couple of weeks but I am so excited to back today to share a few recent vintage finds.

Vintage Rustic Wooden Recipe Box – This rustic wooden recipe box probably once held wonderful recipes because it is well used. I wish those recipes had been left in the box. The two-piece box has a removable lid with a metal pull on the top. The top fits snuggly into the box. The box has “Recipes” etched on the front. I found an identical recipe box on Etsy for $25 but I’m going to give it a makeover and use in my kitchen.

Vintage Wisk Broom – I saw this whisk broom with an unusual handle and thought how it would make a perfect Halloween decoration with a little embellishment. It looked old and had a black tape repair so I looked on ETSY and sure enough found one like it without the repair tape. The seller was asking $26 so my $1 purchase is looking pretty good. My granddaughters love it and with Lacy now that she is all ready for Halloween.

Vintage Hand Painted Pink Angel – Last year I had a pink Christmas tree in my Dining Room so when I saw this pretty little pink angel. There was no way I was going to leave this charmer behind. It is does not show a country of origin.

Vintage 1952 Calendar Plate – This 10″ plate features a calendar for the year 1952. It is a beautiful cream-colored plate with gold details, lettering and trim. The detail in the center of the plate is windmills and ships. I found several on Etsy priced from $9.99 to $22.95.

Non-Vintage Item of the Week

My daughter and I made a Target run the other day. Naturally you must walk right past Bulleye’s Playground when you enter the store so we started looking around at the Fall and Halloween goodies. We both picked up several items then I saw these sweet little velvet pumpkins and they were only a dollar each. Yeah, by now everyone has seen them all over blogland but I just had to share them in that dough bowl that I passed up a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, I just had to go back and get it.  Luckily it was still there, so it came home with me.

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  1. Love your witch vignette, that whisk broom fits right in. You always have such good luck finding the real goodies. Have seen those adorable little velvet pumpkins. Not counting on there being any left at our Target. Today was our payday, finally, but I came down with a nasty cold, I stayed home. If Target is out of pumpkins then they are. Seemed like the longest dang 5 weeks between paydays in forever, got very tired of being broke last couple weeks.
    Good for you taking short break for yourself. Have been taking weekends off reading posts/commenting myself. Finally got sewing machine going so could make bedroom, bathroom and kitchen window curtains.
    Enjoy rest of week and weekend

  2. You were lucky that dough bowl was still there Sharon! Every time I go back to get what I didn’t get the first time around, it’s a fruitless effort. Love the broom & recipe box!

  3. Luck was on your side for the bowl to still be there! Miss Lacy looks great for the coming month!

  4. Oh I love the dough bowl–so glad it was there waiting for you! I love the velvet pumpkins too!

  5. You found some fun goodies! Love the little broom and the cute pumpkins!

  6. Some fun things you found and picked up. The recipe box really is nice. And the sweet little angel, too. She looks to be in quite good shape also. The pumpkins at a dollar each! What a good deal. I’m glad there are velvet pumpkins at reasonable prices. The first ones I ever saw were outrageously priced and I tho’t, “well, I’ll never have a velvet pumpkin, then!” But, lo and behold, you’ve found these and I’ve seen some others that are quite affordable. Yay!

  7. Jann Olson says:

    That broom is so unique Sharon. And the Target pumpkins are so darn cute! I bought quite a few, but have given most of them away. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. I love your vintage finds, Sharon. The broom with the dress form, Lacy, is wonderful! Pinning.


  1. […] Here are all three of my lovelies in the dough bowl I passed on then went back and bought.  Read about it here. […]

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