Vintage Fascination No. 139

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 Vintage Fascination is now a weekly series but beginning in October it is becoming a monthly series.  I don’t thrift as much during the winter so nothing to share with you.   I still plan to post several times a week so keep coming back to see what I have planned to share with you.     

Also, you may have experienced some problems accessing BWH in the last few months.  My hosting service tried a fix last month but it didn’t solve the problem.   So, in the end we had to move BWH to a more powerful server which is good news since my old server couldn’t handle my current level of traffic.  Yea!!   Thank you, so much to my lovely loyal readers.

You know how I love baskets and I couldn’t pass up this Peterboro handled basket.  This basket must have been someone’s keepsake because it still has the original Peterboro basket label on it that tells the story of the basket company.  Here is what the printed label says “The town of Peterborough, New Hampshire is steeped in the history of basket making.  The roots of the Peterboro Basket Company extend back to 1854, when Amzi Childs wove the first basket on Depot Street.  An industry leader, we continue to manufacture and develop a wide range of innovative, top-quality baskets just as you received.  The wood used in your handcrafted basket is Appalachian white ash (a New England hardwood).” 

The basket also has a brass label on the front identifying it as a Peterboro basket made in the USA.  Learn more about Peterboro baskets here.

When I saw this vintage globe in such excellent condition that it just had to come home with me to join my collection.  It is a Repologle World Nation Series 12-inch globe.  It is from the 1979-1981-time period.  The colors on this raised relief topographical globe are bright and vivid and there are no blemishes or tears. 

Apparently, I can never have enough cookie cutters and these three little guys are so sweet.  They are mini cutters for making cookies, cutting out pie crust for decorating the top of a pie or fondant for cake decorating.  The three-piece set includes a rabbit, horse, and lion.   

This metal cage flower frog is joining my collection.  I don’t have a domed frog like this one.  It would make an excellent holder of pencils or paint brushes in addition to its intended use of flower holder.  The metal has a nice patina consistent with its age.  

The five vintage spice shakers I found are larger than the typical size shakers seen in a wall rack. The shakers are Cinnamon, Cloves, Paprika, Pepper, and Nutmeg. and have bright hand painted colors accentuating the raised embossed fruits.   All the shakers have their original cork stoppers and a blue “Made in Japan” sticker.

NON- Vintage Item

I saw a transparent glass pumpkin with a top sitting on a shelf with a lot of Fall and Halloween décor.  It didn’t have a price and as you know normally if an item isn’t priced in a thrift store they won’t sell it but I always ask.  I’ve gotten lucky several times just by asking.  The woman at the checkout counter asked if a dollar was ok.  The price was perfect because a transparent glass pumpkin was on my project list.  Pottery Barn has recycled glass pumpkin candle cloches this year.  So and not spend $69 dollars on one I wanted to create a similar pumpkin for my breakfast room table.  So, the dollar transparent glass pumpkin is perfect for my creation.  All I had to do was add battery operated lights.  I love it and so do my grandkids.

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  1. Sharon, I love the baskets you found. Those are the type of cookie cutters I remember my mother using. I always grab thread and frogs too 😉 Thanks for sharing your fun finds at Vintage Charm–pinning!

  2. Love all your finds. I have an awesome cooky cutter collection; my two kids helped on all major holidays; one cut, the other decorated. Granddaughter only wants to eat the cooky dough–fuey! Most of the spice racks that I have seen for your spice jars are always very ratty; they have not stood the test of time well. I’m originally from NH and had not heard of these baskets; thanx for the new knowledge!

    • I had never heard of the Peterboro Basket Company either. It is a nice basket. You are so right about the spice racks that hold those type of shakers. My grandmother had a rack with four shakers and the rack was made of thin wood. I still have it but would be afraid to hang it on the wall. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Jann Olson says:

    Great finds Sharon! The globe is unique and I love the floral frog as well. I too can never pass up old cookie cutters! 🙂 Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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