Vintage Fascination No. 140

Welcome friends to November’s edition of Vintage Fascination.  I’ve fit in a few thrifting adventures this past month and 

I am excited to show you what I found.


I’m worried that my favorite thrift store is going to close soon.  There is a huge sign out front that the store is for sale.  The employees don’t think the store is moving but closing.  Oh no!  I have found some of my best vintage treasures there.  Just this week I found an old homemade Christmas wreath that is falling apart but it has a bunch of vintage picks.  So, I am taking it apart for the picks.

I was so excited to find it but as I was congratulating myself on my wonderful find I spied a plastic bag filled with a mixture of Christmas decorations and ornaments.   When I went through the bag it was about 50% vintage.  Between the two finds there are flocked Santa’s, plastic reindeers, angels, etc.

Just let me tell you this is a big boy thermos not only does it hold 2 quarts it also weighs about 5 pounds empty and measures 14.5 inches tall and 4.5 inches wide.  It is a vintage A-945DH Aladdin Stanley hammertone green thermos.  These hammertone thermos look so industrial to me.  It had a metal carry handle at the top but it is missing.  The black top at the top that held the handle is removable.  It is in rough shape on the outside so it was someone’s workhorse thermos.  The stopper and stainless-steel top are in excellent shape and based on the shape of the outside of the thermos are any indication they may be replacements.  This thermos made in Nashville, Tennessee is probably from the 1980’s.

Baby cups are my latest obsession.  Of course I don’t need another collection but what can I say baby cups are so sweet and they don’t take up much space.  At least that is how I sold myself that starting another collection is okay.  The one I found is a Sheridan Taunton Silversmiths LTD formally Sheridan Silver Company which was founded in 1944.  Sheridan Silver Company became Sheridan Taunton Silversmiths LTD in 1973.  Based on the trademark the manufactured date is 1973 or later.  This sweet little cup isn’t engraved but it is in very nice shape.

These Enesco embossed white molds caught my eye.  They are approximately 4 1/4 inches in diameter with a different fruit embossed on each.  They have a hook for hanging on the wall.  Enesco is an American company specializing in the import and distribution of giftware.  They were prominent from the 70’s through the 90’s.

These two tiny gold baskets are just adorable.  They are two inches by one inch.  Not sure what I will do with them but you will see them again in the near future.  The bottom of each basket shows Japan as the country of origin.   There is a bit of gold paint loss on the top edges of the baskets.   They are from the 1950’s.

This sweet little pitcher is French made by Deshoulieres.  Founded in 1826, Deshoulieres is the leading French porcelain manufacturer specializing in tableware products.  The bottom stamp on the little pitcher is Deshoulieres with France underneath encircled with an oval.  I cannot determine a pattern name but suspect it is restaurant ware.

This lovely Colonial couple isn’t a recent vintage find.  My Grandmother had this couple in her home from the time I was a little girl.  I always loved them so she gave them to me.  These figurines imported from Japan are from the 1950’s. Unfortunately, I’ve never had the perfect place to display them.  Now they just don’t fit my décor style.  So what do I do with them.  They were sitting on the table in the kitchen while I debated their fate.   My daughter saw them and wanted to know what I was going to do with them.   I told her that box they were on their way to Goodwill.  Nooooooooooo, she said.

Vintage Fascination

  She knew they were my Grandmother’s, her Great Grandmother that died when she was about six months old.  So we wrapped them and put them into a box with other items she wants from my house.  I’m under orders from her to let her see any vintage items before they get the heave ho.

Vintage Inspired Item

I ran in Target the other day and as always I check the end caps for bargains.  There on one of the end caps sat a blue and white splatterware enamel colander.  It was on clearance at a ridiculously low price so I happily put it into my cart and it came right home with me.


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  1. Nice finds, Sharon. How sad that your thrift may close. The thermos reminded me of years working at our local utility company. Everybody used to carry their thermoses to work because the cafeteria was far away from the offices. Some carried those huge ones!

  2. My favorite was your Colonial couple. I have never noticed that green; I would include them in a St. Patrick’s day vignette! My grandparents gave me a pair of figures when I was a kid (now 66); she’s been mended since. I collect smaller Japanese figures (prob. 3-8″) now, mostly Colonial; I’m sure that first set started it! My ex bought a stainless thermos after breaking numerous glass ones. I used to clean it with baking soda and boiling water or Dip-It (dunno if they still make it for cleaning coffee pots). One day when he was running a front end loader (big tractor), it slid out of the cab and he ran over it! It still held water and did not leak! Great ad for Stanley. I remember sending away for a new screw on cap once–30 years ago it was very reasonable. The Enesco molds would find a home on the soffit over my kitchen cabinets! I’m sure you’ll find lots of uses for the little baskets; short stemmed flowers, jelly beans, moss and an Easter egg!

  3. I love finding vintage Christmas at thrift shops Sharon. Those picks are awesome! I stopped by one today looking for more ornaments to finish my ornament tree. They rolled out a new cart and I scored to vintage angel figurines. One is Holt Howard. I think I have a thermos similar to that out in my gardening cabinet in the garage. Been meaning to clean it out since we build my she shed, but haven’t yet. 🙂

  4. Love your vintage finds Sharon! So sorry to hear the “good” thrift store may be closing. I’m always amazed at the good stuff you always find, so hope it doesn’t close up on you. It’s wonderful that your daughter shares your love of vintiques!

  5. I love the vintage wreath picks and the colonial couple from your grandmother is a treasure! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm–pinned!

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