Vintage Fascination No. 141 ~ Part One

Welcome friends to Vintage Fascination No. 141~Part One.  When I decided to turn Vintage Fascination into a monthly series I really didn’t know how much I would miss it.  Part of the reason for turning it into a monthly series was to help curb my thrifting habit.  It did help some but I had a couple of good days finding treasure after Christmas.

After Christmas I drove back to Florida with my youngest daughter to spend a few days.  It was such a pleasure to be in the warm weather and enjoy the beautiful flowers in south Florida.  There are a couple of thrift stores in Delray Beach that I really like so I took an afternoon and went shopping and was well rewarded for my efforts.  All of these treasures came from Goodwill and Habitat Restore on Federal Highway, Delray Beach.

Duchess by W.H. Rindley is a flow blue pattern.  It is white with gold leaf and a pretty scalloped edge.  This oval vegetable bowl is missing its top and overall it isn’t in the best shape but I just could not leave it behind.  The printed trademark on the bottom incorporating a globe and steamer boat tells me the bowl is circa 1891-1914.  Even in its less than perfect state it is lovely and I treasure it.

Flow blue pottery has a cobalt blue under-glaze over white clay. The blue designs have an unclear or unfocused quality, often called flown. Adding certain chemicals during the firing of the clear over-glaze creates the flown effect . Manufacturers in England made the majority of antique flow blue pottery during the 19th to early 20th centuries.

I almost missed this lovely mid-century Art Deco style dresser set.   The set consists of a brush and mirror.  The brush has natural bristles and the handles are gold tone metal.

This ironstone platter in a swirl pattern matches my collection of Johnson Brothers ironstone in the Regency Snow White pattern.  This platter doesn’t have a trademark or county of origin but works well with my Johnson Brothers ironstone.

You know I love milk glass, so with Valentine’s Day looming I couldn’t pass up this little beauty.  A milk glass heart surrounded by an edging of small hearts is sure to make wonderful Valentine’s Day decor.

Non-Vintage Item(Maybe-see update)

They had five of these beautiful green leaf motif plates made in Portugal.  I cannot decipher the back-stamp for the company that made them.  They were less than $2 each so no way I was leaving them behind.


After reading my friend Rita from Panoply’s comment I looked at the bottom of each plate and believe that she is correct and that these plates are Bordallo Pinheiro.  He’s the Portuguese artist most credited with a lot of the majolica patterns.  Bordallo Pinheiro makes fine earthenware in their Portugal factory and have for over a century. These plates may be vintage after all!

They are large enough to use as chargers and look great with the vintage rose plate.

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  1. Oh gosh, Sharon – those charger plates!!! Could it be Bordello Pinheiro? He’s the Portuguese artist most credited with a lot of the majolica patterns. Love those! Let me know if you want to trade something when you get tires of ththose se. ?

    One of our dealers has a place in Delray Beach.. she’s there now, leaving winter behind to us. ?

  2. tennisqueen says:

    I am in love with those chargers! What a great find.

  3. OOO I love the flow blue and the brush/mirror set!

  4. Oh you did find some pretties this week! Love all of them!

  5. What treasures! Great finds, Sharon!

  6. It was very intresting post, goodwill finds are alway fun

  7. Great vintages treasures!Hugs!

  8. Loved your treasures. I have several of the milk glass heart dishes and think about threading and hanging them with pink or red velvet ribbon. Also love the flow blue bowl; it can be used for some lovely vignettes–a fairy garden on moss perhaps? Cluster of Easter eggs on Spanish moss? A lot of my treasures are imperfect; I was told they are called “shelf pieces” as you put the dinged side toward the wall! Love them anyway!

  9. Jann Olson says:

    Lots of pretties Sharon. I had not heard of Flo Blue until a couple years ago. A friend that I met on Instagram has a wonderful collection. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  10. Great finds! Loved them all!! Thank you for sharing at Sweet Inspiration Link Party 🙂

  11. Gorgeous finds. I love the transferware and the milk glass. Thanks for linking to Keep In Touch.


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